About the Muslim Mix

We are living in a world where there is a pull to distract and keep young people from reflecting on faith and religion. This observation is validated by the growing numbers of young adults who have begun to disappear from the Islamic house of worship over the past few years.   Many young adult Muslims are narrowing their focus on growing their families and/or settling into their professional lives and careers and neglect their spiritual growth and sustainability. Unfortunately, due to this focus, many young adults are not as involved in planning, promoting and programming within the masjid.  Started by “A Calling, A Will, and A Prayer,” two Muslima sisters in Atlanta set out to create a movement that would inspire and encourage young adult Muslims to come back to the Muslim community by connecting through events and programs that focus on the needs of 20 to 40-year-olds.

In 2014, these sisters issued a call in the community asking anyone ready to ‘roll up their sleeves and go to work’ in an atmosphere that is creative, inspirational, and productive to come forward. The result of this community-wide invitation was that people out of unknown corners reunited, curious and ready to get into The Muslim Mix. Today, The Muslim Mix is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves young Muslims in greater Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We provide monthly events and programs, community service, support groups, and networking opportunities, inside and outside of the masjid and Islamic center realm.

Through our inspiring classes, programs, and events, The Muslim Mix connects an ever-growing group of young adults in Atlanta and beyond, in an open, warm, and inviting environment and builds a unique and empowered young adult community that actively supports and encourages them as they integrate their spiritual growth with the growth of their families and careers.    

What We Do

  • WE plan and produce social events for young adult Muslims to get to know each other
  • WE design socially conscious programs that are relevant to our experience and the times
  • WE have fun by truly celebrating the faith that connects us ALL.

Our Vision

A network of empowered young Muslims who work towards all that is good by building meaningful connections and engaging strategically within the community to represent a positive, influential voice that exemplifies the best of Islam.

Our Mission

The mission of The Muslim Mix is to provide fun, exciting and inspiring programs designed to engage young adult Muslims for the advancement of unified and  healthy communities.


The Muslim Mix founders

Khadijah & Aseelah Rashid

We don’t just Do it for the Culture, WE ARE THE CULTURE!