Real Talk Taleem Series - Ramadan Edition

Join us for "Crossfit for the Soul", designed to push your limits and stretch your spiritual muscles. Our Real Talk Taleem Series is jammed packed with dynamic presentations delivered by spiritual coaches, that intend to bring thought-provoking and relevant dialogue to the musallah floor!  These discussions are interactive and allow the audience to ask questions, participate in fun activities and provide thoughtful feedback. 

The goal of our weekly conversations is to keep our guests spiritually elevated and motivated not just for Ramadan but to equip them with tools to help maintain a heightened connection throughout the entire year.

Each taleem is followed by a community iftar where guests will have an opportunity to eat, fellowship and be merry with other fasting Muslims!

Be sure to bring a friend!

“At The Muslim Mix we don’t just ‘Do it for the Culture’… WE ARE THE CULTURE!”

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WEEK 1 | THE WARM-UP | register!

THURS | MAY 17 7:30pm - Real Talk Taleem:  "God's Plan"

We plan. God plans. God remains the Best of Planners! This session will help us plug back in and maintain the path that God has intended for each of us. 


THURS | MAY 24 7:30pm - Real Talk Taleem: "The Trap House"

This session will identify negative energies meant to get us caught up in the sticky traps of life and practical ways of avoiding and overcoming these tricks.


THURS | MAY 31 7:00pm– Interfaith Iftar: “Got Faith”

This panel discussion explores the truth behind the shift in young adults and how they embrace faith in their lives today.

WEEK 4 | THE COOL DOWN register!

THURS | JUNE 6 7:30pm- Real Talk Taleem: "Mask on/Mask Off"

As American Muslims, we often find ourselves in environments where we are in the minority. In these spaces, some of us may adopt other "faces" to cope with being the one that stands out and considered different. This session will expose truths behind the mask.